The Party’s Over…

…but it was such a great party. The Branches Reading/Signing/Chatting/Warm Hugging event was spectacular. Thanks to all who were there and all who would have been there if they could have. I didn’t faint after the first 5 minutes and went on to share some of the most important and poignant stages of my journey. I feel stronger now than ever and feel like I can get back to doing something outside my comfort zone, if not every day, at least more often than I’ve been doing since I so optimistically made that declaration a few months ago . (sorry, I love run-on sentences.)

Authors 4

The Cedar Rapids Dynamic Trio were represented by Lennox Randon and Dennis Green but Rob Cline couldn’t make it. I must warn him that things happen when people aren’t around to protect their turf and I’m starting to feel like the trio should evolve into a quartet. This photo, of course, was taken at their May Reading/Signing Event when I was obviously already hatching my take-over plot.

Also, I was given an unexpected gift from Judy Winter, a friend I hadn’t seen for more than 20 years and only reconnected with in the last six months. Branches is now available in the Cedar Falls (Iowa) Public Library. She made that happen through her contacts. That just proves that good friends never stop being good friends. Thanks, Judy!