Update on my journey…


I happened to be in the vicinity of Barnes & Noble at Case Western today so I decided to stop in to see if Branches was still on sale (see March 11 blog entry CWRU Bookstore to carry Branches). Voila! there it was in the S’s. Sometimes one needs a jump start to keep up the good fight and seeing Branches just sitting there on the shelf (unfortunately sitting and not sold) under the sign Fiction and Literature gave me a much needed shot in the arm.

My journey with Branches is now approaching its first year anniversary and though I have not always followed through on the “do something outside my comfort zone every day” plan, I’ve certainly grown and become more confident and outgoing and pleased with my travels. Highlights have been my interactions with the Cleveland Heights University Heights Parents’ Book Club, the reading & signing at New Bo Books in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and the chatting & signing at Appletree Books at the Cedar Fairmount Summer Festival. 

And all the while I’ve been trying to promote Branches, I’ve been reading a ton of Michael Connelly and Robert Crais and also working on Lake Effect which I hope to launch in December. Though I just found out today that I can’t get a Library of Congress number until the government shut down is settled. Since I don’t go to national parks, I thought I was immune from that calamity but alas! it appears we need government in more ways than anyone can possibly imagine. 

So, yes, I haven’t done all the things I thought I’d do and Branches is not yet on the New York Times Bestseller List, but it’s not over. And it’s not too late to get back on track unless I stop trying. And that’s something I don’t plan to do.