Return visit to book club “a great evening”

Cleveland Heights-University Heights Parents' Book Club at Boulevard Elementary School

Cleveland Heights-University Heights Parents’ Book Club at Boulevard Elementary School

Branches, Angela and I had a great evening at the Cleveland Heights-University Heights Parents’ Book Club at Boulevard Elementary School. We initially met them on Feb 25 when they each got a copy of the book from the group organizer, Jane Harris. At that time, I promised I’d return after they read the book.

Tonight there were 12-15 of us and it was a lively discussion with everyone talking about the book and sharing their own stories of family secrets. I know my being there may have influenced their critiques but they said they loved the story, the characters and the writing. Their warmth and enthusiasm seemed genuine and I was truly honored. One of the ladies has shared the book with her sister in Columbus and asked if I would consider going there to discuss the book with her reading club. So Branches is branching out and I couldn’t be happier.

Branches discussed at local book club

Tonight (well, I guess it was officially last night) I had a wonderful experience meeting with the Cleveland Heights University Heights Parent Book Club at Noble Elementary School. I discussed the evolution of BRANCHES and signed books. About 12 of the 20 members were in attendance and we had a great time. I’ll meet with them again in March after they’ve finished reading the book and we’ll have a more in depth discussion. I learned that I’m not as shy as I normally am when I’m talking about something I love. Good things come to those who survive…