Branches: The Novel

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Book Description

Publication Date: December 8, 2012
Branches: The NovelNeely Watt’s marriage is on the verge of divorce and her affair with her boss, Gill Howard, is faltering under the weight of guilt and stress. When her husband threatens to kill her if he finds out she’s cheating, she knows she has to get it figured out. The only person she trusts to help her make a decision is her grandmother, Ganzie Sims. However, when Neely arrives at Ganzie’s doorstep, she finds a dying woman who seems too weak and fragile to take on Neely’s burden. But Ganzie loves Neely and uses all her waning strength to take her granddaughter on a verbal odyssey back to turn-of-the-century Sedalia, Missouri, a time guarding a secret Ganzie is desperate to reveal before it’s too late. Ganzie also encourage Neely to make peace with her mother, Alma Kingston, a bitter woman who has alienated everyone who loves her. BRANCHES is a story of these three African-American women, bound together by their common history but separated by the walls of family secrets. Through the stories of Ganzie and Alma, Neely learns what secrets have destroyed and what Truth has the power to heal.

About the Author

Rebecca Sloan is the author of four novels, three screenplays, hundreds of poems and a dozen short stories. BRANCHES is the first of her novels to be published.

About the Artist

Three Wishes is an original painting by Rebecca Star Haviland, an artist who lives and creates in Cleveland, OH.

Reader Reviews

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I really enjoyed reading Branches. I loved how I was eased into relating to and caring about the characters. And then there was that moment that I reluctantly had put it down because even though I wanted to know how it ended, I didn’t want to get there. I hope Ms. Sloan publishes more of her writing, I’ll be reading it! – Cindy Bancroft


Branches tells a lot of truths about life. I enjoyed the story and the writing immensely. – Peter Harris


I loved the book- the descriptions and writing make the novel so vivid for me, and I kept pinching myself- that this is Becky my sister-in-law. I got 3 books and will be purchasing more for gifts. Thank you for making this available to all of us. Please have Amazon available in India. They will enjoy it so very much. – Penny Furgerson


Finished _Branches. It is so VITAL! I don’t know what else to say. The disfunction of the women, or should I say the “automatic” function of the women was and is so typical of the mores of the time (past and present). My grandmother was born in the 1890’s, my mother in 1924, me-1944, my daughter, 1964, and my grand daughter in 1994. I relate directly too all. The thought processes and voice of each one is truly realistic and relative to each era. Oh, Becky, it is a wonderful story. I am recommending it to everyone I talk to everyday. – Janice Kelsey Ferguson


hi! i just wanted to let you know that i read branches this sunday (in one sitting! it’s that good!) and i thoroughly enjoyed it. i didn’t want to take a break because i was so engrossed in the story and wanted to see how things turned out. i think the stories of these women and the way they’re intertwined made for a great book, and would make for an excellent stage production 🙂 – Evelyn Carter


This novel got me reliving my past and how to share with my granddaughters. Thanks Becky, Love Ya Tonya – Tonya Gilliam


I started out gobbling up this book, and then realized that i wanted to savor every last page so I have been rationing out the pages. The story is a good one, very well told, with beautiful imagery. I’m sure i’ll be reading it at least one more time before I feel compelled to share it. Thank you for making me aware of “Branches” – it’s an excellent read! – Esther Bentley Henningsen


Becky…..just to let you know i finished branches and loved it. i actually read at the beach and finished it the same day. what a wonderful story of renewal. congrats! – Imogene Jones, Puerto Rico


I finished your mom’s book yesterday. It was a leaky-eye occasion, but that’s a good thing. Writing that moves one to tears is wonderful writing! Sensitive, wise . . . I loved the way she conveyed physical attraction and intimacy. It was genuine/real — well, as far as I can recall! ha! I’ll be recommending the book to friends and family! –Sheila McDougall


Finished your wonderful book…I found your writing style refreshing and story telling unique! I was easily attached to your 3 characters from the minute I started the 1st chapter!!! I could hardly stop reading it and was sad at night when I was too sleepy to continue! I wish you continued success and your next book I’ll buy!! Oh and I loved the cover and the characters entwined in the Branches. Cleverly perfection. – Nancy Wegand


I downloaded Branches as soon as I read the Daily, and I finished it the next afternoon. I could hardly put it down!  It was so beautifully written, and I loved the way you told the story in each character’s voice. It’s so hard to get all the nuances of a character when a book is told in third person, or even just from the perspective of one of the characters. I enjoyed your book so much, and I hope you’re able to publish some of your other novels. I’ll be first in line to read them! Take care and keep ’em coming! – Heidi Wagner

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