People Who Have My Back


Lennox Randon, Nephew, Friend and Fellow Author.

His willingness to help me launch Branches will go down in history as one of the most selfless acts on record. He took my docx document and molded it into the perfect formats for CreateSpace, Kindle and Nook and he did so in an incredibly short period of time. He was trying to launch his own novel Friends Dogs Lovers Bullets at the time so the fact that he was willing to give me and Branches so much of his time and talents is something for which I will be forever grateful.

Tangela Scott-Jones

Tangela Scott-Jones, Co-worker, Friend and Business Planner

 When we started the Branches journey a year ago, we had no idea where the road would take us. But all along the way, she has kept us going, removing obstacles and providing daily inspiration and encouragement. Her business sense and marketing skills are moving Branches to the next level and she is also committed to helping me launch Lake Effect, the next fork in the road.

TW Scott McDougall

TW Scott McDougall, Friend & Designer of Rebecca Sloan’s Author Page

 Scott is making it possible for me to dust off some of my other creative works and get them online for people to read. His computer and visual skills have developed this fabulous site and our FB messaging has bridged the miles between Cleveland and Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

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