Favorite Websites


Matt Kollasch is a friend of mine from the University of Northern Iowa. And he just happens to be a great photographer. Currently, he lives in Warsaw, Poland and continues to photograph interesting people, places and things.




I fell in love with Michael Connelly through The Lincoln Lawyer series which featured Mickey Haller. Then I graduated to Harry Bosch and read all 17 books in that series but not in the right order. I started with the later books and then went back to the beginning which started over 20 years ago. Throughout the series, Harry Bosch remains a consistently intriguing character and his philosophy is mine: “Either everybody counts or nobody counts.”




Lennox Randon is my nephew who is also a good friend and a fabulous writer. He published his novel, FRIENDS DOGS BULLETS LOVERS shortly after mine but the only reason mine came out first was because of his unflagging efforts to help me get mine ready to meet the CreateSpace specifications. Without him, I’d still be struggling with margins, fonts, headings and Table of Contents. I certainly would not have the Kindle and Nook versions yet. His novel, FRIENDS DOGS BULLETS LOVERS is a great read and filled with humor, action and philosophy. Randon is immensely talented and even designed his own cover. A former police officer, he lives with GIST cancer and tries to make each day count.



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