The Ice Fisherman

I haven’t written anything for awhile but this poem was inspired by a good friend who keeps me enthralled with his stories.

Photo by Daryl Carlson

Ice FishingIce Fisherman

Dawn or dusk
Early morning or late at night
Walking through the woods
Your weight on the ice
Managing five rods at once
Five buckets upright


The music of the wind blowing across the ice between the lines
The cold of the dawn
The tranquility of the rising sun
The tension of the line


A fish grabs the bait
Breathing through its gills
Soft pull on the lure
Line can’t scrape against the edge of the ice
Or it might snap

Walleye, Blue Gill, whatever
Good catch

Time for relaxation
Time for equanimity
Time for life

The Birth of Il Molo

Theresa Nash

People often ask me how Il Molo was born. My response – “with much difficulty.” It almost became a half-written novel left on my computer’s hard drive. A similar fate to the James Bond novel I started in 9th grade and never finished, the handwritten manuscript most likely ending up in a wastebasket.

I started working on Il Molo in 2010. I was sitting on the beach in Varigotti, a small village in Italy where we spend at least a week every summer.

Varigotti beach Varigotti beach – (Borrowed from Facebook share.)

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Facebook – Reach and Likes

Important insights into FB Insights. If you don’t already know how FB limits your posting efforts, this is a must-read.

Theresa Nash

Like buttonReach. This was a black hole for me. In spite of consulting FB Help, their explanation was still not clear. So much for helping. 

On the Literary Selfies page, which I manage (see earlier blog on Literary Selfies website), there is a shared post on “writing is good for your health” that reached over 19,900 FBers, with 133 Likes and 153 shares! Not bad. The post is below, but unfortunately it doesn’t show the reach but does mention the Likes and shares. 

Other posts which I thought would really be more interesting to our followers (authors and readers) barely reached 150. I really don’t get it. Another phenomenon, the linked posts from Twitter to FB also had smaller reaches. Figure that one out! So I stopped doing that. 

Then yesterday I found on FB, yes believe it or not, through comments from other FBers in a group I follow…

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Marketing Tale of an Indie Author

What a great chronicle in the journey of an Indie Author. I think it’s valuable, not only for its readers, but for the writer herself. Reading it makes me realize one doesn’t know how far one has come unless the route is duly noted. It’s far too easy to minimize the successes and focus only on the frustrations. The path thus far of IL MOLO is noteworthy and its author is a brave and innovative traveler.

Theresa Nash

marketingMarketing takes time, it is not free, you have to be patient, and you have to be willing to take risks. This post chronicles the steps I’ve taken over the last six months. If you want to know more about any of my marketing efforts, drop me a comment and I’ll go into the gritty details.

My first novel, Il Molo, was published in March 2014. Writing it was fun and satisfying. Unfortunately, I had no idea of how to get it published. Then I learned about self publishing through CreateSpace and I was off. Fortunately I could rely on the valuable experience of my aunt, Rebecca Sloan, who had already gone the self publishing route for two of her books.

March 15, 2014 – I remember the elation I felt when CreateSpace informed me that Il Molo had been reviewed and was ready for publication. I hit the Publish…

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An interview with Literary Selfies

Check out Literary Selfies. It’s a great new showcase for Indie authors.

Theresa Nash

To learn more about the Literary Selfies here’s an interview with the co-founders that was done in June 2014 by one of our first self-published authors. The interview was published on her blog. And by the way, I’m reading her book Trailing: A Memoir and enjoying it immensely.

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