Facebook – Reach and Likes

Important insights into FB Insights. If you don’t already know how FB limits your posting efforts, this is a must-read.

Theresa Nash

Like buttonReach. This was a black hole for me. In spite of consulting FB Help, their explanation was still not clear. So much for helping. 

On the Literary Selfies page, which I manage (see earlier blog on Literary Selfies website), there is a shared post on “writing is good for your health” that reached over 19,900 FBers, with 133 Likes and 153 shares! Not bad. The post is below, but unfortunately it doesn’t show the reach but does mention the Likes and shares. 

Other posts which I thought would really be more interesting to our followers (authors and readers) barely reached 150. I really don’t get it. Another phenomenon, the linked posts from Twitter to FB also had smaller reaches. Figure that one out! So I stopped doing that. 

Then yesterday I found on FB, yes believe it or not, through comments from other FBers in a group I follow…

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