Il Molo is now available…

…to purchase, to read and to thoroughly enjoy. Written by first-time author, Theresa Nash, my fabulous niece and an ex-pat living in ImageGeneva, Switzerland, IL MOLO is a beautifully written story, full of mystery, thoughtful prose and wonderful descriptions of Varigotti, Italy. I had the good fortune to read it during its developmental stages and am looking forward to now having a copy complete with the stunning cover artwork by none other than our beloved Pierre Montant.

Set on the Ligurian seacoast in western Italy, IL MOLO craftily blends intrigue, illusion, reality and love. Martha and her husband, Carl, are on their annual summer vacation in the picturesque village of Varigotti, Italy. She soon learns that even in their summer paradise the past can intrude on the present and threaten the future. 

It’s available today on the CreateSpace eStore and will soon be on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and eventually the eBook version will be ready to go. Put IL MOLO on your reading list. Better yet, buy it TODAY and immerse yourself into the wonderful world of Martha Nathan.

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