The Isis Guild met for the 3rd time…

ImageThe Isis Guild held its 3rd meeting at Terry and Maura’s home today at 4:00 and we had a wonderful and productive time. Rita and her daughter, Selena, joined us for the first time but Lisa and Staci couldn’t make it. There were lots of snacks and, yes, there was wine!

There’s something really special about this group of women who are super creative and in various stages of their writing projects. Molly and Natalie’s mystery novel is coming along very nicely as is Amiyna’s touching story of survival. Selena brought a story she’s been working on for years and would like to develop into a novel. Terry is still developing her characters and Maura has a couple of ideas she wants to develop. I brought along my proof copy of Lake Effect and discussed the final stages of the CreateSpace process. I expect that everyone there will need that information someday soon.   

What I like best is the support and encouragement we offer each other and the honesty with which critiques are given. We are the most natural, friendly, non-judgmental  group that I’ve ever been involved with. Lots of great information was shared as usual and everyone either read from or talked about their projects.

Our next meeting is Sunday, January 19 @ 4:00, again at Terry and Maura’s home. Hope they don’t get tired of us.