The Isis Guild

isis2We have a name…

And Saturday, November 23, 2013, will be another day to remember.

Terry and Maura graciously opened their home to our 2nd meeting which turned out to be a fantastic 3 hours of sharing writing and insights. Amiyna, Molly, Terry, Natalie and I were joined by Maura. At the Book Club meeting on Tuesday, three new women expressed interest in the workshop but, only Lisa was able to attend today. Jane also couldn’t make it but Katie joined us. She took a group photo with her cell phone which I hope to be able include with my next post.

I firmly believe that it’s crucial for a writer to read as much as possible about the craft of writing and to that end, Molly brought some writing books to recommend. One was a real cutie:  The Writer’s Block which is shaped like a cube. $10.26 on Amazon if anyone is interested.  Molly had emailed that she and Natalie were struggling with POV (point of view) so I brought a couple of books on writing elements that included POV discussions.

Amiyna shared the pages she has added to her story (actually, she started reading and Molly finished) and we were all moved by the direction she is going. It’s readily apparent that she has a natural gift for vivid descriptions and evocative emotions and we gave her some feedback about structure and research.

Molly and Natalie are co-authoring a novel and have done a tremendous amount of work on it. Molly read some of the new pages and they’ve got something really compelling in the works. We talked a lot about Voice and Point of View but no advice was needed for style and content. They’re really great writers. I’m going to send them the specs for formatting a 6×9 book.

Terry, another great writer, read her new pages and offered some good suggestions about outlining. She has written a premise for her story which is a really great exercise. To be able to describe your story in 25 words or less helps a writer focus on what’s important. Terry also has written a series of “what if” questions for her protagonist and “what if” questions are powerful tools for story arc as well as character arc.

Lisa and Maura will bring something to read next time. They’re more like me when I was still shy about my writing. But they won’t stay shy for long!

We ironed out the technical aspects of having a group: the name, of course, and Molly went home and set up a Google Drive account and a Facebook page. And our next meeting is Sunday, December 15 at 4:00. We are a uniquely cohesive group brought together by unexpected circumstances and bonding together happily and easily. Wonderful synergy!!


3 thoughts on “The Isis Guild

  1. It’s such a great pleasure to be a part of this group of women. I can’t even put into words how very passionate this group makes me feel about my writing & about their own writing!!!

  2. I am still very much interested to be in your group. At the very last minute some things conflicted and I was not able to come. I am sorry. I liked the name you have chosen.

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