Summer Festival Was Festive…

ImageLast Sunday was an excellent experience at Appletree Books at the Cedar Fairmount Summer Festival. Jane Kessler and staff were graciously wonderful and I met 2 other first-time authors with great first-time novels: Patricia Averbach (Painting Bridges) and Abby Vandiver (In the Beginning). And, of course, I was there with Branches. We talked to a lot of interesting people, sold and signed a few books and managed to have some meaningful exchanges with each other.

We all took different paths to publish our novels: Pat went the traditional route with a small publishing house. Abby took the bull by the horns and started her own publishing company and I self-published with Amazon’s CreateSpace. But we find ourselves pretty much at the same place trying to accomplish the same thing: trying to do self-promotion with varying degrees of knowledge and support.

Naturally, I recommend Branches to you if you haven’t already been fortunate enough to read it but I also recommend Painting Bridges and In the Beginning. I haven’t had a chance to read from beginning to end but a quick scan of each has been very rewarding. I look forward to spending some quality time with each.

Lots of good things are happening in addition to promoting Branches including finishing the editing of Lake Effect and having my great niece, Sydney, design the cover for it. There just aren’t enough hours in the day. But I’m not complaining…

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