Cedar Rapids Iowa Dynamic Trio Pull Off A Heist…

ImageOn May 23, 2013 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Rob Cline, Lennox Randon & Dennis Green managed to commit the perfect crime but they didn’t get away scott free. At a fantastic book reading at New Bo Books (more about New Bo in my next post) that featured their novels, Friends Dogs Bullets Lovers (Randon), Murder by the Slice (Cline) & Traveler (Green), they stole the hearts and minds of the audience but have now sentenced themselves to life without parole. They gotta take the show on the road and continue to charm any audience that’s lucky enough to be in attendance. The readings were outstanding and the Q&A revealed the marvelous narrative about how they came together, how they persevered and how they have prevailed. You can’t go wrong if you purchase one of their books and start reading. Once you start, you won’t be able to stop.

Randon’s & Rob’s novels are available in several locations (see previous posts in regard to each) and Dennis’ Traveler will be available in October. Mini spoiler alert: I’ve had the privilege of reading it and loving it. If you like sci-fi-crime thriller-alternate reality-time travel sort of stuff, you’re gonna go WOW about Traveler.

And an extra thanks to Randon for giving me a shout out as honorary member of the group. But honestly, I was just glad we could make the trip and be witness to such a great event! 


4 thoughts on “Cedar Rapids Iowa Dynamic Trio Pull Off A Heist…

  1. I hope that there is a film version floating around, somewhere. Hopefully ‘The Kid’ captured it, in all it’s glory!

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