Murder by the Slice is a tasty treat…

ImageIf you’re hungry for some pizza topped with a little murder and mayhem and sprinkled liberally with wit and irony, Murder by the Slice is just the book for you. The unwitting hero, Paul Chambers, just wants to deliver his pizzas and go home. He’s not looking for any drama in his life but what’s he gonna do when he finds a dead body and the reporters start hounding him for the inside scoop? Instead of walking away, Paul gets deeper and deeper into the mystery and eventually corrals his fellow pizza deliverers into finding the killer.

In Murder by the Slice, Rob Cline has created an amazing plot full of memorable characters but Paul Chambers is the best of them all. He’s really not a pizza delivery guy at heart. Rather he’s a philosophy major who can’t find a job delivering philosophy. But he manages to carry the story on his hapless shoulders and fills each page with startling insights, keen wit with a little pathos thrown in for good measure. Through a series of slapstick misadventures, Paul takes the reader (and his co-workers) on a pizza delivery ride that delivers a whole lot more than pizza. Rob Cline’s writing is extremely cinematic and I found myself “casting” the characters as I read. It’s a great book and will make a hilarious movie.

Available on CreateSpace, Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites.

Also available at New Bo Books in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and Prairie Lights Bookstore in Iowa City, Iowa. Well worth a trip to the heartland!


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