Friends Dogs Bullets Lovers, a great get-away…

ImageLooking for a good book to read? Well, look no further.Lennox Randon has penned such a book and the title tells it all: Friends Dogs Bullets Lovers. When have you ever heard such an original title with original cover art to back it up? FDBL is about 2 black guys who are lifelong friends and who inadvertently witness mobsters disposing of a hit victim in, of all places, Dubuque, Iowa. Who knew such things happened in Iowa? (As an aside, Tommy Carroll, a member of John Dillinger’s gang, got killed in 1934 in Waterloo, Iowa [Google it] in the alley right across from my father’s office. So I guess Iowa is not exempt from such gang related happenings). Anyway, back to Dubuque, Iowa, current day.

Noah and Lee are forced into the Witness Protection program and are exiled to Austin, TX, where they make every attempt to lead quiet, safe lives. But it really isn’t in them. Noah’s a police officer and Lee’s an EMT guy and they love their dogs (who eventually get Witness Protected, too) and good times. For them, being protected is not all it’s cracked up to be. Noah is poking around town looking for something to do and ends up making a love connection at the local library. Meanwhile, Lee decides to start a PI business with Noah as the chief investigator. Need I say more? This gets them into all kinds of scrapes and brings more attention to their location than the Feds care to have. So it gets pretty shaky, if not downright dangerous and they have to be willing to be really smart and strategic to survive. Meanwhile, they’ve met women they like and could possibly love, and this only complicates their situation more.

FDBL is a fast-paced, witty and at times philosophical account of how these 2 best friends and their faithful dogs dodge the mobs’ bullets and find true love. Great story, great writing, great author!!

Available on CreateSpace, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and iTunes.


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