CWRU Book Store to carry Branches

BRANCHES got a big surprise today (so I guess that means I did, too!). Got an email from the Case Western Book Store (a division of Barnes & Noble) saying they saw the Daily’s 5 Questions article and they were going to carry a copy of my book. Already had it on order. Was there a flash of light in your peripheral vision about 3:47 p.m. EDT? Nah, that was just my smile.



2 thoughts on “CWRU Book Store to carry Branches

  1. I loved Branches- Sydney was over and busy reading Branches-she was enjoying it. She was our volunteer Intern for GDT’s Spring sm.ART camp. We are going to start a poetry club- it would be such fun to have you here for our summer sm.ART camp and perhaps a Reading club. Congratulations- how very wonderful.

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